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An Expert Tempe Locksmith Explains Lock-Bumping And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Security professionals have warned about the risks of criminals using lock-Bumping, for several years.However, according to a Tempe Locksmith we spoke to, it has only been in the last few years, that it has become a more common practice by criminals.What is lock-Bumping and what can you protect yourself and your property against this growing threat. Our Tempe locksmith explained, that lock-Bumping is a lock picking technique that is used on pin-tumbler locks, the kind that most homeowners have on the doors of their homes.While you probably wouldn't mind if your Tempe locksmith or first responder uses one to help you get into your own home, one in the possession of a criminal presents a unique challenge to homeowner's and law enforcement alike.

The Tempe locksmith told us, that while lock-bumping does pose a significant security risk to homeowners, there are things you can do to help minimize this risk and help prevent a lock-bump from being used to enter your home. While most key locks are susceptibility to lock bumping, other types of locks are not.Consider installing a slide-bolt lock and deadbolts on your doors or have your Tempe locksmith install them for you. Talk to you Tempe locksmith about investing in more expensive locks.Some of the higher-end locks have more complex locking mechanisms, that make lock-bumping more difficult, if not impossible, because the makers of these locks limit the number of blank keys that can be make for them.

Our Tempe locksmith also suggests trying an alternative type of lock.Combination, electronic, rotating disk and magnetic type locks are also less likely to be picked. Consider having a whole home security system installed by your Tempe locksmith. This, in combination with additional exterior security lights will provide an additional deterrent to would be thieves. You may also want to consider adopting a dog from your local animal shelter.Our Tempe locksmith said that most people won't think of this option, but statistics have shown that homes, that have dogs, even small ones, are less likely to be burglarized than homes that do not have dogs.