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Recruitment process at Tempe locksmith

Tempe locksmith is an organization that sees to it that each of its employees is competent, has the best communication and interpersonal skills, is a hard worker and fully represents the interests Tempe locksmith. This they do by following a systematic recruitment process that leaves nothing to chance.
When a vacancy is open at Tempe locksmith, the human resources department places an advertisement in the local newspaper. The job advertisement should meet the following standard;

  • Job title

The job title should well explain what the position being advertised at Tempe locksmith is.

  • Job role and purpose

This point explains what the duties and responsibilities the holder of this position will have. It also states the role of the person to whom the holder of this position will report at Tempe locksmith.

  • Qualifications

This point highlights the qualifications required for an applicant to be considered for the position available at Tempe locksmith. These qualifications should be written out clearly and without ambiguity.

  • Salary

This point states what the holder of this position at Tempe locksmith will receive as remuneration. It is here where perks for working at Tempe locksmith are stated.

  • Contact details

This gives the contact details of Tempe locksmith to which the applicant should send their application. It should have the website, e-mail address and postal address of Tempe locksmith. It is here that the name of the person at Tempe locksmith, to whom the application is to be sent, is written.

  • End date

This is latest date by which applicants should send their applications to Tempe locksmith.

Each resume that has been sent is screened to ensure that the applicant qualifies for the position. It is the standard of Tempe locksmith to hold two interviews. All short listed applicants are contacted to attend the first interview. A second list is prepared after the first interview after which the second interview is held at Tempe locksmith. It is after the second interview that a decision is made on which applicant to employ.

Tempe locksmith

The qualified applicant is contacted by the human resources manager at Tempe Locksmith and is informed to collect his/her letter of appointment from Tempe locksmith offices. The letter of appointment sites when the employee should report to work. The new hire is expected to sign two copies of a work contract. This contract explains in detail what the responsibilities of the employee are, terms of termination, how many leave and sick off days the employee has, and what perks they will receive as an employee of Tempe locksmith. The new employee retains a copy and the other copy is kept in the human resource office at Tempe locksmith.

Tempe Locksmith then orientates its new recruits. This process ensures that the new hires have all the relevant information about Tempe locksmith. Each new employee is also handed a Tempe locksmith staff handbook. Tempe locksmith ensures they create a suitable working environment for its entire staff; an interactive platform where one can grow.